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Stay Ready

adidas Training


It started with a sprint at adidas’s New York office. The objective was to land the global positioning for their new sub-brand of techy training apparel (RDY) in just four days.

The winning idea was simple: training does not only make the body stronger, it makes the mind stronger too. From there we led the project to create ten films and countless retail assets. Shooting took place in the US, China and Europe.

After shooting was all said and done, music video legend RuffMercy doodled, scribbled and drew all over the frames. Creating a consistent visual language that depicts each athlete’s unique transformation through training.


Noah Lyles / USA

200m World Champion.

Miho Nonaka / Japan

Bouldering World Champion.

Jazmin Sawyers / Britain

Olympic long jumper.

Caroline Dubois / Britain

Boxing Youth Olympic Gold Medalist. 

Takefusa Kubo / Japan

Wonderkid Footballer.

Alix Klineman / USA

Beach Volleyball Champion.

Kim Seoyeong  / South Korea

Swimming Champion.

David Beckham

World’s most famous bloke.

Eddie Peng

Taiwanese actor, singer and model.

Liu Yifei

Chinese actress.



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